Nick Cannon To Finish Nipsey Hussle’s Dr. Sebi Doc After His Death - Fans Warn Him To Be Careful

Nick Cannon To Finish Nipsey Hussle’s Dr. Sebi Doc After His Death - Fans Warn Him To Be Careful
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Nick Cannon is determined to take over after rapper Nipsey Hussle’s murder and continue his documentary on the controversial trial of Dr. Seb. That being said, fans are understandably worried that getting involved in the project might put him in some real danger.

As you know, Hussle was shot dead at the age of just 33 but before his life was cut short, he was working on a documentary about Dr. Sebi’s trial.

The pathologist and biochemist is famous for claiming he could cure AIDS.

Cannon took to social media to share pics of the man and wrote: ‘Where you left off, we gonna carry one! It’s a MARATHON, so I’m picking up the baton! Because they can’t kill us all!’

In the caption, he was referring to the fact that there is a conspiracy theory that says Dr. Sebi’s death from, supposedly, pneumonia was in fact caused by the medical establishment.

As a result, it makes a lot of sense that people are now worried about Nick Cannon’s safety.

He might really be putting himself in harm’s way in the aftermath of Hussle’s passing.

Here are a few of the worried fans’ reactions to Cannon’s announcement: ‘Protect nick cannon at all cost he gone finish the documentary 🙏🏾.’ / ‘Nick Cannon is talking about completing what Nipsey started. Protect Nick!!!!!’ / ‘ We gotta protect Nick Cannon at all cost now.’

Previous reports shared the sad news that Nipsey was killed after someone opened fire in front of his clothing store in Los Angeles.

He was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The tragedy was a shock for many of his fellow stars in the industry, who were quick to pay tribute to him online.

Do you also think Nick Cannon is putting himself in danger by taking over the documentary?

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