Nick Cannon Shouts To Eminem For Having One Of The Best Bars Despite Their Feud

Nick Cannon Shouts To Eminem For Having One Of The Best Bars Despite Their Feud
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Even though Eminem and Nick Cannon have certainly had their problems over the years, Cannon can still give credit where credit is due. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on comments from the media personality this week in which he praised Eminem as having one of the greatest flows of all time.

According to the outlet, just a few days ago, Cannon started his World Famous Top 5 segment, which revolves around who are the greatest rappers of all time. The former Wild'n'Out host claimed when it comes to hip-hop, there are lyricists, storytellers, and there are also rappers "who know how to get the party started."

Nick went on to ask who had the best "flow" of all time, before going on to say that the list was merely his opinion, and it was open for debate. Cannon shouted out to Bizzy Bone, for instance, saying how he was probably the first to create the "fast rapping" style.

Additionally, Nick claimed Migos played a crucial role in the development of hip-hop as well. He stated that they changed the game undeniably with their signature flow. Of course, Cannon mentioned The Notorious BIG, noting how many would be furious that he put Migos above Biggie Smalls.

Furthermore, Cannon also shouted out to Snoop Dogg, the California hip-hop legend, describing his flow as "crazy," especially when considering some of his bars were actually freestyle. And lastly, Cannon made sure to acknowledge Eminem, however, he didn't just mention him in passing.

Cannon named Eminem as having the "best flow of all time." Nick claimed he didn't have any hate in his heart at all toward Marshall Mathers.

As most know, this comes as a big surprise to hip-hop fans, because Nick Cannon has put Eminem on blast a number of times over the last two years . For instance, Nick dropped a number of diss-tracks on Eminem after the rapper mentioned Mariah Carey and Cannon on one of his tracks from his second-last record, Kamikaze.


Eminem later responded with just two tweets , which obviously was more of the message than the actual content of his social media posts.

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