Nick Cannon Reveals The Most Ridiculous Thing Mariah Carey Has Ever Done

Nick Cannon Reveals The Most Ridiculous Thing Mariah Carey Has Ever Done

Mariah Carey is an internationally famous singer who has been around for what seems like forever. By now she has developed quite the reputation for her diva behavior and crazy demands from her collaborators and co-workers.

Is it justified? Maybe it is. Mariah has been one of the most impressive vocalists of not only her generation but of all time.

She is an accomplished songwriter, and the success of her career is only matched by her larger-than-life persona.

In one of her most famous moments, Mariah Carey demanded the crew on set to pick her up and set her down gently on a couch, so that her dress wouldn't get wrinkled.

There is no one else like Mariah Carey, and the one word that personifies her behavior is "diva."

When you had been married to Mariah Carey as long as Nick Cannon was, you would know all about her demands.

Nick revealed to Wendy Williams on her talk show this morning about the "most diva" thing he's ever been involved with Mariah.

According to Cannon, when the couple had their twins, "she shut the whole hospital down!"

Cannon shares two daughters with his former wife who are 5-year-old twins named Monroe and Morrocan.

He explained she even had some very specific requests while being in the delivery room.

Nick said, "when they were born, she made me play her music as they were coming out," he continued. "It was a ‘Fantasy.’ They were dancing … to ‘Fantasy.’”

The former couple, despite their 2014 split, is still best friends according to the star of Drumline. Even though they're still successful co-parents, they're not that close yet.

When Williams asked him "are you and Mariah still sleeping together?" the Nickelodeon star said, "there would be nothing wrong with that, but that's not the case."

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