Nick Cannon Is Proud Of The Way Kevin Hart Handled The Oscars Controversy

Nick Cannon Is Proud Of The Way Kevin Hart Handled The Oscars Controversy
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Nick Cannon has been vocal from the very start about Kevin Hart's Oscars controversy. He feels that the comedian did the right thing.

If you don't already know what happened, Kevin Hart was announced as the host of the 2019 Oscars. Less than 24 hours later, homophobic tweets from ten years ago (that Kevin had already apologized for) resurfaced.

The Academy allegedly called the 'Night School' actor and told him that he has to apologize or else he could not host.

Originally, Hart said that he would not say sorry again, but he changed his mind and not only apologized but also explain how he's changed since then.

After finding out from Ellen Degeneres that the Academy would love to have him back, Kevin turned down the offer because of his principals concerning the way things went down.

Nick Cannon recently visited Big Boy where he spoke on how proud he was of his best friend.


"I love the way he gracefully bowed out. He was like 'look, first and foremost so everybody's not distracted I'ma step away, thank you, cause I don't need it.' You know what I mean, and then he still apologized after he stepped away. People don't understand how boss that is. He was like 'I don't wanna offend anybody. I've apologized several times before but you're not gonna say "you better apologize or you're gonna lose your job." He's like, 'keep your d*** job, I don't wanna do it and I still apologize."

He also added that when he talked to Kevin, they compared it to the 'America's Got Talent' situation where Nick was let go for not retracting controversial jokes made about race.

Cannon additionally praised Ellen Degeneres when she stood behind Hart.

Speaking to People Magazine, Cannon said: "I love Ellen and she definitely is one of the bosses in the game. When one of the bosses calls for you, that’s always a good look. She’s an entertainment guru that’s been doing it for a long time that we all respect."

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