Nick Cannon Denies Dating Adrienne Bailon -- Claims To Be A Hopeless Romantic

Nick Cannon Denies Dating Adrienne Bailon -- Claims To Be A Hopeless Romantic
Credit: Source: EW

Nick Cannon is a suave multi-millionaire. Before he even achieved A-list status, he's dated some of the most beautiful women in the industry.

However, if you ask him now --- Adrienne Bailon was just a friend. While playing a game of The Masked Ex with Wendy Williams, Nick was tasked to identify the bodies of women he has been linked to in the past.

From Kim Kardashian to Chilli, the list went on. When Adrienne popped up, Canon claimed that there was nothing there.

'I like her...[she's] happily married. No, I did not. It's a Christian friendship! This is a Christian friendship! We was Christian friends.'

The reason the Cheetah Girls star was brought into the conversation was because of a 2017 interview on The Real where the two reminisced about when he took her on a date.

Earlier this month the host landed himself in hot water when Christina Milian revealed that she found out that he was cheated by hacking into his phone.

She told E!: 'When I was dating Nick Cannon, the password somehow worked on the first check and I was right and the next thing you know, I was reading for like a month. I was reading messages. I was stuck in Romania. I had time. I cannot bust him when I am away. I need to bust him in person so in the meantime, I’m going to get my intel, make sure this is for real for real and it was for real so it was enough.'

But according to Nick, they weren't in a relationship (no matter how much publicity their romance got.)

The comedian told Power 106: 'I don’t think I did anything wrong. I wasn’t cheating, you got to be in a relationship to cheat. We not going to get into the details but I would say the way I believe if, she went through my phone and all that, and back then is what I told her and I will tell her now, but if you go looking for something you gon’ find something.'

As coldhearted as Nick sounds in these cases, the father of three claims to be a hopeless romantic looking for his queen.

Do you think Nick has changed?


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