New Video Evidence May Lead To Arrest Of King Von's Shooter

New Video Evidence May Lead To Arrest Of King Von's Shooter
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Hot New Hip Hop reported today that King Von , the rapper who passed away at the age of 26 in a shooting outside of a Hookah lounge in Atlanta, Georgia, was fighting with Quando Rondo's entourage at the time of his death, however, this claim hasn't been confirmed yet.

More importantly, the outlet claims new video footage appears to connect Quando to the suspect. Followers of the hip-hop world know the death of Mr. Von has left a massive hole in the community, with many rappers coming out to commemorate the slain 26-year-old.

Reportedly, King Von had just dropped his latest project, Welcome to the O'Block. Since the news of his death hit the press, artists such as Lil' Durk , Tory Lanez, Russ, Wale, Funk Flex, Russ, Lil Yachty, and Nav, have come out and commemorated him.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, video footage may lead to more information on who may have shot the young rapper. Thus far, outlets have claimed the authorities now have more information on the suspect.

Reportedly, one video was posted on an Instagram account called, @thetrollinone. A confrontation breaks out between a group of men outside of a nightclub, and Von can reportedly be seen wearing a white shirt.

Another man, who's wearing all black, breaks out from behind a van and begins firing at the group, hitting the 26-year-old rapper in the crossfire. Hot New Hip Hop says the shooter, wearing all black, appears to have fallen to the ground as well.

Following the shooting, the crowd breaks away from the shooting and then Von's friends rush to help him. The video goes on to say that the man who shot Von is named T Black.

Hot New Hip Hop pointed out that T Black may be affiliated with Quando Rondo because there is a history of messages between them on IG. On the other hand, nothing has been confirmed yet and the identity of the shooter hasn't been established officially.


As it was previously reported, King Von was shot and killed yesterday.

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