New Series About Princess Diana Reveals Why She Was So Loved!

New Series About Princess Diana Reveals Why She Was So Loved!

Former Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell has not been dealing with entertainment journalism for very long. Nancy has started in this field barely one year ago and now she was assigned the story of Princess Diana.

But despite the fact that the famous and beloved royal has been dead for two decades, her fascinating life and shocking passing is still one of the biggest stories out there and many fans are still interested to find out more about the mysterious Princess.

Nancy explained why she believes Princess Diana was so popular with the public, saying that it was mainly her natural appeal – her “charisma” as she calls it. And it was exactly that missing from the royal family for centuries and she brought it to it, enriching the royals’ image and likeability.

In addition, although Diana could admittedly be “a little odd” at times this was, in fact, one of the characteristics that led to her popularity, along with “her big heart.”

“Nobody could ever describe Princess Diana as boring. She was this icon, and arguably the world’s largest public figure, and globally adored for all the charity work that she did,” added O’Dell.

Now, the journalist is set to show in her new series called Nancy O’Dell Remembers: Princess Diana, all of the Princess’ layers. The program is going to include a montage of photos, videos and even her own personal interviews she had about the Princess and her deadly car crash back in 1997.

Nancy O’Dell Remembers: Princess Diana airs today, April 3 at 9 ET/PT on Reelz.

Are you excited to watch it?

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