New Season Of 'Walking Dead' To Feature New Matchups Between Characters

New Season Of 'Walking Dead' To Feature New Matchups Between Characters

Over the years, Walking Dead fans have gotten used to seeing certain pairings on screen. Carol and Daryl or Rick and Michonne are two of the most popular team-ups to share screen time. When the new season launches next month, though, we may be seeing some unusual matchups between the show's expansive cast members.

Showrunner Scott Gimple says the story threads in Season 8 necessitate spreading the cast out a bit and that allowed them to put together some different pairings.

“We’ll see characters affect one another that we haven’t seen affect one another before, or even just thrown together that we haven’t seen thrown together,” says Gimple.

In fact, some of the show's best moments have come when two characters who aren't used to spending time together are thrust together by producers.

Remember the odd pairing of Daryl and Beth in Season 4? It seemed unusual at the time but it ended up providing important narrative growth for Daryl and produced some of the show's most touching scenes.

It was also oddly satisfying to see Rosita and Sasha reluctantly working together last season, despite the tragic outcome their partnership produced.

The new season will see Rick leading the various communities as they finally take a stand against Negan and the Saviors, so there's ample opportunity for characters to end up in unusual circumstances.

We've seen plenty of Daryl and his evil shadow, Dwight, but perhaps we'll see Dwight spending more time with Rick now that he's claiming to switch sides.

Gregory is also apparently desperate to fight back against Maggie's takeover of the Hilltop, so maybe we'll see him entrenched with Negan or one of the other Saviors. With so many communities in play and a multitude of moving parts, anything is possible. The Walking Dead returns for Season 8 on Sunday, October 22, 2017.

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