New Photos Of Incarcerated Rapper Kodak Black Revealed

New Photos Of Incarcerated Rapper Kodak Black Revealed
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New photos of the rapper, Kodak Black, show that he may have packed on the pounds while staying behind bars. As it was previously reported, the rapper was sent to jail after he tried to cross the United States-Canada border with guns and drugs, although, he's currently serving a sentence for another crime.

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on an Instagram post from DJ Akademiks in which Kodak Black appeared to be escorted by a security guard off to a different cell. For the last few months, the rapper has claimed to be a victim of abuse by cruel guards, and his lawyer has even asked Kim Kardashian and Meek Mill for help.

Social media users, using the picture down below as an example, believe his claims must be true. At the moment, Kodak is actually serving his sentence for lying about information while applying for a registered firearm.

In conjunction with his status as a previous offender, Kodak found himself being punished by the judicial system. However, fans of the rapper aren't pleased with the fact that he's behind bars even though his crimes are non-violent.

Earlier this year, Kodak Black claimed he was the victim of abusive security guards and wasn't allowed to see members of his family. He also alleges that they barred him from using communication devices like email or phone.

In the Instagram photo above, Kodak Black can be seen with the security guard, and in the comment section below the photo, fans are clamoring for his early release. Thus far, fans have been noticing that the 22-year-old artist looks to be around 20 pounds heavier, although, it's hard to tell on account of the prison jumpsuit he's been wearing.

On the other hand, fans were thankful and feeling fortunate because his hair is still as wild as ever.

Kodak has encountered controversy on a number of fronts repeatedly over the last few years, including when he shouted out to Lauren London shortly after the death of her man, Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey Hussle was murdered by a gunman, Eric Holder, near his LA clothing store.

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