New Paul Walker Docu-Series Coming Out - "Paul Walker: Behind Closed Doors"

New Paul Walker Docu-Series Coming Out - "Paul Walker: Behind Closed Doors"
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Fans of Paul Walker -  most known for his role in The Fast and The Furious franchise - will now get a brand new series of content revolving around his life. It's called Paul Walker: Behind Closed Doors, and it's a docu-series featuring interviews with family members, friends, and co-workers.

Following his death in 2013, Paul has become somewhat of a legend in Hollywood, similar to James Dean, who died back in the 1960s after just a couple of successful movies, including  Rebel Without A Cause. 

Brent Lang from Variety, in a teaser for the new series, praised the actor's natural charisma, good looks, "piercing blue eyes," and sandy blonde hair.

The director of Fast and the Furious , Rob Cohen, said to Natalie Morales that just seeing him on camera was exciting; he was meant for Hollywood movies, "he just kind of popped," she added.

Ever since Walker died, his infamy in Hollywood has only grown. In fact, in September of this year, fans of the late actor gathered in commemoration for him in California in a tribute party that subsequently went wrong.

During an event set up in the West Covina Plaza in California, fans of the actor stirred up problems with the mall security. Their Facebook page said that people there trashed a security car and attacked two guards.

The Walker fans were "disturbing the peace." The party turned sour quickly, people were jumping on top of the mall cars and pushing personnel to the ground. One guard, in particular, pushed a civilian to the ground following a verbal spat.

This kind of behavior was unlike Paul. Director Rob Cohen and stars such as Tyrese Gibson have spoken nothing but praise of him since he passed away, explaining that he had a natural empathy and sympathy about him that made him so likable and charming to others.

However, in 2013, he was involved in a fatal car accident in which he burned alive in the wreckage. Driven by Roger Rodas, 38, the two men crashed the Porsche Carrera GT into a concrete lamp post and the car subsequently lit on fire.

Rodas died because of the physical trauma of the impact, whereas Paul died from a combination of the fire and the crash. His only daughter filed a suit against Porsche for wrongful death.

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