New Mom Kylie Jenner Posts Video Of BFF Jordyn Holding Baby Stormi

New Mom Kylie Jenner Posts Video Of BFF Jordyn Holding Baby Stormi
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After her first month of motherhood, Kylie Jenner seems to be relaxing into her new role quite well. She's taken back to posting on her favorite social media channels, running her businesses and keeping up with her ever-expanding family.

The second of three Kardashian-Jenner sisters that have added little girls to their family, Kylie gave birth on February 1st, to Stormi Webster. Big sister Kim and brother-in-law Kanye, welcomed little girl Chicago West just three weeks prior.

Now the family is awaiting the arrival of Khloe's baby girl sometime in April.

Khloe's baby shower was held today, Sunday, March 10, which was completely decked out in sweet pinks.

In between all of the festivities to celebrate big sister Khloe and her new niece, Kylie had some quality time with best friend Jordyn and Stormi.

Kylie, who previously chastized social media app Snapchat for an unneeded update, took to the platform to share a video of her bestie cradling her baby girl.

Though she's released a couple of pictures of the baby before, the public is getting more and more really good looks at her.

Stormi seems very calm and mild-mannered as she looks up at Jordyn as she cradles her while gently rocking.

Kylie captioned the photo "Can they get any cuter?" What a precious memento to have.

With more and more photos of Stormi being released, fans are starting to do a bit of speculation regarding the baby's paternity.

When rumors of Kylie being pregnant began to surface, ex-boyfriend Tyga claimed that the baby she was carrying was his.

As far as timelines go, she and current boyfriend, Travis Scott had only been together for a little under a month when she got pregnant.

Since photos of the baby have been released, many are wondering if Tyga may have been telling the truth in regards to his paternity claims.

Obviously, there's no way to know for sure without a DNA test and although Stormi does resemble the Kardashian-Jenner side quite a bit, some people think she resembles Tyga.

Either way, at this point, those claims are all complete speculation.


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