New Michael Jackson Documentary At Sundance Sparks Outrage

New Michael Jackson Documentary At Sundance Sparks Outrage
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According to the LA Times, on Friday morning, the brand new documentary, Leaving Neverland , caused quite a stir at the Sundance Film Festival. The film documents the claims by two men, who have repeatedly accused Michael Jackson of abusing them during the time in which they knew each other.

Following the screening of the film, Dan Reed, who directed the film, discussed its creation during the Question and Answer period. He spoke on the difficulties of getting Wade Robson and James Safechuck to candidly address the matter. Moreover, the two men revealed their motivations to get involved.

The two Michael Jackson accusers revealed they had been trying to sit down and talk for several years, but the legal process banned them from speaking. The idea behind such a process is to stop people from colluding in their story.

The only reason he wanted to get involved with the assault case was to speak with Safechuck, and ironically, it was the one thing I couldn't do." Robson said the fact they now can speak is "beautiful."

Ever since the two individuals have gone public, both Safechuck and Robson have claimed they seek to gain nothing from Jackson's massive estate. It makes sense for them to point this out, as Michael Jackson's estate is one of the highest earning in the world, especially for a deceased person.

When Robson and Safechuck were probed on whether they received monetary compensation, they said no. Safechuck said that they were never paid, and never wanted anything either. Their ultimate goal was to find a platform on which to speak.

Hopefully, Robson and Safechuck explained, the film will allow others to come out with their stories. The idea behind it all is to empower those who have suffered. They hope they can stop it from happening in the future.

And perhaps the most interesting question of all, was when they were asked about the fans of Michael Jackson. And Robson said that it was a difficult thing to understand because he, himself, was also the type of person who couldn't believe what happened."... and we can only accept and understand something when we're ready," Robson remarked.


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