New Marilyn Monroe Podcast Claims That She Was Killed Due To Fear Of Affecting JFK Re-Election

New Marilyn Monroe Podcast Claims That She Was Killed Due To Fear Of Affecting JFK Re-Election
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Marilyn Monroe supposedly called up John F. Kennedy just a few hours before she died. Reportedly, her relationship with the then-president may have had a deleterious impact on his chances of getting re-elected.

In a new episode of the podcast, The Killing Of Marilyn Monroe, the hosts detailed that Monroe's plan to expose certain details of their romance may have hurt the reputation of both the president, JFK, and his brother who was serving as the Attorney General at the time, Bobby Kennedy.

Allegedly, both Bobby Kennedy and John F Kennedy had to end their relationship with her, which proved to be a point of contention between the love triangle. Marilyn was supposedly upset at the fact they were calling off the romance due to the fear of negatively affecting their public personas.

Monroe called the brother-in-law of JFK at the time, as well as her close friend, Peter Lawford, to send him a message. Her biographer, Lois Banner, claims the Some Like It Hot actress intended on holding a conference the following Monday to reveal what the two politicians had done to her.

Danforth Prince, the biographer, claims Marilyn intended on exposing their romance in a very public way. In fact, she planned to hold a conference in which she would lay bare all of the details of her relationship with both men.

Prince claimed Monroe said to her friend, Peter Lawford that if he chose not to fly down and speak with her, she would hold a press conference the following morning and air her grievances there. Monroe threatened Bobby through Lawford, stating that he had to meet at her home in person on the 4th of August, 1962, by 6:00 pm, otherwise, she would go public.

As fans of the Hollywood icon know, her career suffered some severe downturns toward the end of her life, including getting drugged and sexually assaulted just one week before she died. Moreover, she was supposedly forced into a mental health facility.

Marilyn died on the 5th of August, 1962, and her death has proved a main point of controversy ever since she passed away. The LA Medical Examiner ruled it as a possible suicide at the time, but others believed wholeheartedly she was killed.


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