New Judge Jennifer Hudson Reportedly 'A Nightmare' On The Set Of 'The Voice'

New Judge Jennifer Hudson Reportedly 'A Nightmare' On The Set Of 'The Voice'
Source: NBC

Season 13 of NBC’s The Voice is almost here, and new judge Jennifer Hudson is reportedly already causing trouble on the set of the hit reality competition. The former American Idol contestant is taking “diva to a whole new level.”

The insider claims Hudson is screaming when she doesn’t get her way, and no one wants to put up with her. She is “butting heads” with the other coaches, the contestants, and the production staff, and “she’s been extremely disruptive to production and causing unnecessary delays.”

Hudson, 36, was a coach on The Voice U.K. and won the show, before joining the American version. The Radar  source claims the Dreamgirls star is convinced that she will win again this time around.

“She thinks that everything should revolve around her and has come into this season with such a sense of entitlement. Everyone is really hoping that this season will be her last. “

Hudson joins veteran judges Blake Shelton and Adam Levine this season, as well as Miley Cyrus who is returning to the show.

Reports surfaced earlier this month that there was trouble between Hudson and Cyrus, because she was bringing in her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, to mentor her team this season. Hudson didn’t like it, claiming he had such a pull with country fans that this would give Team Cyrus an unfair advantage.

However, that complaint doesn’t account for the fact that Shelton is a country music superstar and also has a huge influence on country fans.

Also, each judge can bring in whoever they want, so Hudson can always bring in someone that fans will love just as much, if not more than Cyrus.

Hudson is going into this season with a specific strategy when it comes to choosing contestants for her team. She recently told Billboard that she would turn her chair around if someone is unique and believes in themselves. She also said contestants must be willing to learn, considering they are getting invaluable coaching from industry superstars, something she never got when competing on American Idol .

Finally, she said contestants must be ready to handle the pressure. Her situation is unique, since she has been on the other side of a reality competition, and she understands what it takes to get through such a pressure-packed audition.

The Voice premieres Monday, September 25th on NBC.

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