New History Channel Drama 'The Breach' To Focus On Bill Clinton's Impeachment

New History Channel Drama 'The Breach' To Focus On Bill Clinton's Impeachment
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While former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is making headlines this week as part of her press tour to promote her new book, What Happened , it's her husband that is making news today. History Channel has announced a new six-episode scripted series called The Breach: Inside the Impeachment of Bill Clinton .

A number of high-profile real-life figures will feature in the series, including the Clintons, Monica Lewinsky, Kenneth Starr, Newt Gingrich, and Tom DeLay.

Originally, the plan was for The Breach to be the first installment of a new anthology series called The Commanders that will focus on a different president each season.

It's unclear if that's still the plan, but reports indicate the series may still be followed by additional shows focused on other presidents under different titles.

The series will be based on the book  The Breach: Inside the Impeachment and Trial of William Jefferson Clinton by Peter Baker.

RJ Cutler, who began his career with the documentary The War Room , which covered Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign, will co-write, direct, and produce The Breach .

“This is a story I have been wanting to tell for a long time,” says Cutler, calling the scandal the "origin story" of our current political climate.

Another aspect of American culture the show will highlight is the rise of the 24-hour news networks and blogger Matt Drudge, the then-unknown who first discovered Clinton's affair.

Ironically, this is actually not the only Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky television project in the works right now.

In February, producer Ryan Murphy announced the fourth season of his anthology series American Crime Story will focus on the scandal, based on the book  A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down A President by Jeffrey Toobin. The second and third seasons of American Crime Story have yet to be filmed, though, meaning The Breach will likely beat it to air.


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