New Details On 21 Savage's Arrest Emerge - Reports Claim Savage's Situation Is Far Worse Than Expected

New Details On 21 Savage's Arrest Emerge - Reports Claim Savage's Situation Is Far Worse Than Expected
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According to a report from, 21 Savage's immigration fiasco with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency has gotten even hairier. The outlet reported that ICE targeted Savage for "immigration enforcement" and nothing more claims Alex Spiro.

However, following the early morning update from TMZ, it was revealed that the star was detained for a more insidious reason. The Atlanta rapper's lawyer, Brian Steel, said that the Glock and vehicle he was driving both don't belong to him.

But Steel didn't reveal whose vehicle and gun he was carrying. Supposedly, 21 Savage was driving aggressively toward a police vehicle. For that reason, he was taken into custody, and now the police claim he was in possession of a fully loaded firearm.

TMZ obtained more than three police reports in the last few days since the supposed Atlanta native's arrest. Reportedly, the "Rockstar" artist was driving a red Dodge Challenger which cops claim was trying to cross over a sidewalk onto another road.

The police, as well as the ATF agents who were on the scene, ordered Mr. Savage to stop the vehicle and throw his keys outside the window. 21 Savage then threw the keys out as they demanded as well as a bottle containing an unknown material.

When the rapper got out of the car, he was handcuffed and taken away by the ATF. The police report claims he had in his possession a fully loaded handgun. It was in the glove box and was equipped with an "extended magazine."

Furthermore, in the center console, there existed a styrofoam cup with some kind of unidentified substance inside it. The police didn't specify what was in the bottle that was thrown out the window but did admit it was taken into evidence.

The part that's currently unclear, is the fact that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency got involved somehow, and for some reason. TMZ reported that there were a number of different organizations involved, however, including the DeKalb K-9 Unit, the ATF, the Vice Unit, the Narcotics Unit, as well as the Georgia State Patrol.

Moreover, fellow rapper and friend of the star, Young Nudy, was also taken into custody. He was apparently in a separate car alongside Savage. The connection between the men lies with one man, Kali Smith, who was in a different vehicle as Savage. He apparently had an M4 and pointed it at the cops. Reports claim 21 Savage is under the deportation process with the Immigration and Customs Agency.

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