Never-Before-Heard Tracks Of Kanye West With Migos & A$AP Rocky Leaked Online

Never-Before-Heard Tracks Of Kanye West With Migos & A$AP Rocky Leaked Online

We already know by now that Kanye West has every possible reason in the world to call himself a creative genius. Tho of the rappers' unknown tracks leaked online on June 4. He collaborated with Migos, Young Thug, and A$AP Rocky to produce something magical.

The two tracks are unheard, and they are floating around the digital universe. Listening to them is like experiencing your birthday and the Christmas, both at the same time.

The first track is reportedly called 'Hold Tight,' and it begins with Kanye's signature autotune and it transitions to a dark bass line that will definitely make all the ladies in the clubs want to twerk on it once it will be released.

The famous rapper raps about the white ladies and this has already become a common subject for him. He even mentions Miley Cyrus' name a few times during the track.

The second track is called 'Euro (Switch Hands)' and it seems to be featuring A$AP Rocky. The

The single is quite similar to 'Hold Tight' and this means that Kanye raps about women and about doing nasty things to them in the bedroom.

As you are probably expecting, both singles are extremely catchy and they're definitely worth listening to.

If the father of two is so proud of this great success why wouldn't he release the 'Hold Tight' and 'Euro (Switch Hands)' tracks on the Life of Pablo album?

According to rumors, these two new songs will appear on his next album so we have a lot to look forward to if this will turn out to be true.

It is still unclear where the hits originated from but the website that provided the unofficial links on YouTube is Music Mafia. You can go there and listen to the two tunes.

Kanye hasn't said anything about the two songs until now but we have a hunch that the fact that they got leaked won't upset him.

These days nothing seems to get Kanye down and he is all about being a family man.

“Kim [Kardashian], Kanye and their kids are having an amazing time together on their vacation. After a wild year, Kim is relieved to be with Kanye and the children away on holiday,” according to an insider.


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