NeNe Leakes's Fans Support Her After She Shares A Few Words About Cynthia Bailey - Watch The Video

NeNe Leakes's Fans Support Her After She Shares A Few Words About Cynthia Bailey - Watch The Video
Credit: BET

NeNe Leaks is having a great time singing in front of the camera. But she also has a few words to address Cynthia Bailey, and you can check out her post below.

'@cynthiabailey10 still tryin to convince the world that she only responds to my many interviews! It’s actually reverse. I did one interview (the only 1 they can show in the red) RESPONDING to her 7/8 interviews! Me and my team be chilling! We ain’t thinking bout you girlllllll😝😝' NeNe captioned her post.

Someone gushed over NeNe's new look and said: 'Loving these bangs on you,' and another fan agreed: 'Wow what a voice girl!!! Loving this look too!'

Another follower was not happy about so much drama on the RHOA series: 'Stop being so damn messy !!! How old are we?'

A commenter responded: 'they’re all old. And it’s a damn reality show, peace doesn’t keep the ratings up.'

Someone else also said: 'you must not know how real-tv tactics work. These girls all get along. How convenient nene and Kim Zolciak are back to being sissy 😂'

An Instagrammer exclaimed: 'Boom!! Sick of her playing victim. Then she acts tough around the other girls but smile in your face. You were right the entire time!!' and someone else said: 'Lord I thought y’all had made up. Watching the show makes everyone fall out again chile 😩'

Somoene hopes that the ladies can be friends again: 'But I pray y’all mend y’all friendship! I love y’all as friends.'

A follower said: '@cynthiabailey10 really reaching smh but y’all not ready to have that conversation 😂😂 keep doing ya thing NeNe!!'

Did you watch yesterday's RHOA episode?


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  • Tee
    Tee Dec 9, 2019 12:30 PM PST

    Oh my, this is awesome! @Tell it Like it is... Love it-Love it! Some people get so hung up on the fame and fortunate, they forget where they come from, who blessed them, and who can take it away. I always pray for good health, understanding, and guidance; which many don't. NeNe needs a lot of prayer, because she's very lost within self and the life of what the world can make her look like (pretty stupid for money) and won't take any of it to the grave with her. He son can't wait for that day to come, because he can f up all her hard earned money. She definitely needs to change before it's to late. Looks, Attitude, nor Money defines anyone, but life experiences and education makes a big difference in how one stands out.

    TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!! Dec 9, 2019 10:18 AM PST

    Ne Ne please at some point in this lifetime "GROW UP" PLEASE FOR "GOD'S SAKES" "ACT YOUR AGE NOT YOUR SHOE SIZE GROWN WOMAN!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭 You know Cynthia was your girl 20 pearls! And you used countless times to degrade her. I am not sure if you are just a person in a lot of pain or just extremely stuck on youself or just vengeful OR MAYBE IT IS THE SUM OF ALL OF THE ABOVE BUT PRIDE COMES BEFORE A DOWNFALL. ASK ANY OF THE FALLEN. HECK I CAN TELL YOU OF MYSELF WHEN I LET PRIDE BE MY GUIDE. I DID NOT FAIR WELL. I thought that encounter you had with that heckler would have smacked some sense into you but l guess you had all of your little minions to help you get over that. Oh yeah wasn't that Cynthia comforting after you ran your mouth too long and too wrong! You cried some then! But please in your next journey "because you said you were leaving RHOA" I KNOW YOU LYING. NO ONE ELSE WILL PAY THAT MUCH FOR YOU TO ACT INSUCH A DISGRACE" OH YEAH START TREATING YOUR HUSBAND BETTER YOU INGRAT!!!

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