NeNe Leakes's Fans Defend Her From Haters Who Accuse Her Of Not Taking Enough Care Of Her Husband

NeNe Leakes's Fans Defend Her From Haters Who Accuse Her Of Not Taking Enough Care Of Her Husband
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NeNe Leakes has a really exciting announcement for her fans and followers on social media. Even though the 12th season of RHOA started a couple of weekends ago, NeNe was not featured in the first episodes.

Now, she is telling people that the real show begins tomorrow, and they cannot wait to see their favorite RHOA star.

'Now that the pre-show has ended, The REAL PREMIERE starts SUNDAY at 8 pm on @bravotv.....With existing relationship issues and having people not understanding the role and toll it takes on the caregiver, threw our relationship into an emotional roller coaster! We both cried, cussed, slammed doors, and prayed,' NeNe captioned her post.

She continued and said: 'We’re in a marriage, so what happens to him, happens to me! If you support 1, you gotta support the other! For anyone to say i was making his cancer about me, has no heart at all and clearly has no understanding about what cancer does to a family. My tears were not for me, they were for him #fu*kcancer @americancancersociety TUNE IN! We keep it 1000 in the Leakes home ALWAYS❤️'

Haters accused NeNe of not taking care of Gregg but her diehard fans hopped in her defense.

A person addressed the severe issue and said: 'Cancer affects the whole family. The main caretaker being 1 of the main affected...no1 will know unless they go through it..and that's just what it is.'

One follower said: 'You and Gregg are strong together and I love you aunty Nene please stay strong😘😘😘😘'

Someone else wrote: 'If your spouse has never had to fight for their life, then keep ya comments to yourself. It is extremely hard on an entire family when someone is diagnosed with cancer. Let alone a husband AND HIS WIFE. I tip my hat off to you both for even being able to share this the world. Envy turns into wickedness and wickedness turns into hate. Watch the haters and keep them away from your family.'

Another follower posted: '@neneleakes girl I praised you for how you made it through this time in you and Gregg's life! I work in the health care field and I know it isn't easy to be a caregiver! I really respect you as a wife and a caregiver and prayed that God continued to strengthen you through all you endured🙌❤️❤️'

Will you be watching RHOA tomorrow?

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