NeNe Leakes's Fans Are Excited She's Back On RHOA: 'Don’t Be Too Sensitive And Have Amnesia!'

NeNe Leakes's Fans Are Excited She's Back On RHOA: 'Don’t Be Too Sensitive And Have Amnesia!'
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NeNe Leakes' fans were happy and excited yesterday to see their favorite lady on the RHOA series. She was not featured in the first episodes and fans freaked out when they saw that NeNe is missing.

But yesterday, ahead of the beloved show, NeNe shared a post on her social media account, telling fans the following:

'Hey ladies, I was here for all the shade! Now when I give it back, don’t be too sensitive and have amnesia! You know how y’all like to play victim 🙄 #confessional #rhoa #og #hbic #the1.'

Someone said: 'Baby read and leave them on read lol!!!!! The queen of the whole franchise has arrived!!! #byehaters #byewig #the1.'

One follower told NeNe: 'Glad you caught it! These girls just don’t know if they wanna love or hate the 1.'

Someone else said: 'I love that the Queen 👑 is back!!! The show is not the same without you! You are strong! I hate to see the women judged you during such a difficult time.'

Another commenter posted: '@neneleakes YOU are so #correct when speaking about @cynthiabailey10 she is not an angel that she portrays. She is #thirsty to become a bride to get @bravotv to cover it, so she can barely remain relevant on the show. @cynthiabailey10 has the most hideous laugh I’ve ever heard. @cynthiabailey10 & @thekenyamoore are the two most #narcissistic housewives I’ve ever seen on #RHOA.'

Someone else also said that they love the episode and praised NeNe and Gregg: 'Awesome episode!!! My favorite part was the interview with you and Greg. That was so emotional. People really don't understand how much the caregiver deals with. The fact that you stated you can't even cry because you don't want to make it about you, was really emotional because we try to be so strong for everyone else. You just needed somebody to be there for you while you were trying to be there for everyone else. 😘😘 @neneleakes.'

In other news, NeNe debuted her  Ladies of Success event  and she really made sure to keep her fans updated on how it all went.

She posted a bunch of pics on her social media, and fans are living for this .

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