NeNe Leakes Warns Her Fans Regarding Their Safety Ahead Of Christmas: Read Her Important Message

NeNe Leakes Warns Her Fans Regarding Their Safety Ahead Of Christmas: Read Her Important Message
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Christmas is just around the corner and NeNe Leakes warns her fans about something that's really important, we must admit, Read her message to see what she has to say.

'THIS IS A FRAUD!!! IF YOU GET A CALL ON YOUR PHONE THAT SAYS SOCIAL SECURITY (which is not in my contacts but showed up this way on my phone) THEY R TRYING TO STEAL YOUR PERSONAL INFO! HACKERS! DO NOT GIVE ANY INFO,' NeNe captioned her now-deleted post.

So, make sure to stay safe and avoid having your data stolen.

'Right! It’s been going on for over a year and the Office of Inspector General has thousands of reports on this. They investigate fraud. The fraudulent people cloned the toll free # to SSA but where they are messing up at they become aggressive demanding your SSN, (pls don’t ever give out) if you give it to them then you become a victim of ID theft, we would never call you asking for your SSN because we already have it. Also if they leave you a voicemail they tell you to call them back, they answer saying this is Officer Jack or Officer John,' someone commented.

The same person continued and said that 'No one at SSA identifies themselves as an officer when answering the phone. Also, they are telling beneficiaries they have warrants out for their arrest and the cops will come and pick them up for selling drugs if they don’t give the SSN. Pls please be careful don’t ever release your personal information over the phone if we need to contact you we will mail you a letter.'

In other news, it seems that the identity of NeNe's 'backstabber' has been identified , according to the latest reports.

The latest reports coming from Radar Online and claim that NeNe has an enemy from the show.

It seems that the woman in question used to be one of her best friends. Supposedly, the woman who backstabbed NeNe was none other than Cynthia Bailey.

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