NeNe Leakes Warms People's Hearts With This Video - Check Out What She Did For A High School Kid

NeNe Leakes Warms People's Hearts With This Video - Check Out What She Did For A High School Kid
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NeNe Leakes' latest gesture has people talking in the comments. She did something for a high school kid that managed to impress her fans.

Check out NeNe's video here and see what's this all about.

'Soooooo this young high school kid who I don’t know at all, walked up to me while I was having dinner. She said, she has a school project and could I help her with it. I was like, what kind of project chile! She explained that she needed to prank a few people and have it caught on camera. So basically her thing was to walk up to a stranger and lay on their shoulder or run up to them and hug’em as if she knew them. Of course, she knew who I was so I told her, I would play along so she could ace her project! So here goes #acting #actingup #comedy #shepassedherclass,' NeNe captioned her video.

People appreciated the fact that NeNe went along with the young lady's prank but they were also blown away by NeNe's looks and asked her from which fountain of youth she is drinking.

Someone said: 'Omg this is so amazing,' and another follower posted this: 'Your makeup is 🔥🔥🔥. Look good here @neneleakes ❤️❤️❤️. Awesome scene helping out the kids.'

Another fan wrote: 'That was nice of u to go along!!! Otherwise, she would have gotten clocked for sure!!!! yr the best nene!!!!' and someone else posted: 'What fountain of youth are you drinking from?!'

A fan exclaimed: 'Omg Mrs. Leakes you are so funny! Love you much,' and another Instagrammer posted: 'Prime Example Of It’s How You Come At A Person.. Nene Wasn’t Rude, Disrespectful Or Nasty At All.. She Embraced This Young Lady and Helped Her Ace Her Project! I Love This ❤️' praising NeNe.

One other fan also gushed over what the RHOA star did and said: 'I’m so weak!!!!! Love that you helped her with her project!!'

The other day, NeNe was praising the Ladies of Success - a movement that brought together a lot of talented and gorgeous businesswomen.

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