NeNe Leakes Vented About Quitting 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' To Wendy Williams For These Reasons

NeNe Leakes Vented About Quitting 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' To Wendy Williams For These Reasons
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A mini-war is taking place between NeNe Leakes, 52, and her BFF Wendy Williams, 55, after a surprising confession, was made on live TV.

Recently, the BET host dropped the bombshell that she received a text message from Leakes explaining that she is ready to quit The Real Housewives of Atlanta , which airs on Bravo.

Williams told her audience that she was surprised by the news and added: “I took a break in between commercials … my office is right there behind the set. I had to go to the bathroom, and so I looked at my phone in between commercials. And NeNe texts, ‘I’m quitting.'”

Social media lit up with comments from fans of the hit series who were baffled by what they learned. Leakes was quick to put out a statement denying the story and took to social media to shade Williams for airing their private conversation.

A source told Hollywood Life that Leakes is confused about the incident and added: “She found the whole thing confusing. It was very unexpected. NeNe reached out to Wendy after the fact in a text asking her to clarify what her comments were about.”

The person went on to say these are the reasons why Leakes vented to Williams: “NeNe has had a really tough few weeks. She’s gotten a lot of heat lately, and the fights have really been hard on her. It’s wearing her down, especially since being in a different headspace after dealing with Gregg’s diagnosis. Due to the recent Housewives episodes with all of the fighting that’s going on, she’s being attacked from all sides, whether it’s the other cast members, fans, and on social media. It’s been nonstop, and it’s hard. She’s being villainized for someone else’s pain, and she’s really over it.”

One fan said this: "You ok? What's happening, chicka? I'm so confused! Lol, I was looking in these comments for answers! This is what happens when I have deadlines; I feel out of the loop. Lol texting you."

Another person claimed: "You had me scared for a second.. don't play with my emotions like that WE NEED YOU!!!!😂"

This social media user shared: "I don't understand why Wendy would take a private message between both of you and announce it on a public forum. Praying for you!!"

Leakes does not play.

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