NeNe Leakes Uploads The Second Part Of Her 'Cocktails And Conversation' Talk With Jennifer Williams

NeNe Leakes Uploads The Second Part Of Her 'Cocktails And Conversation' Talk With Jennifer Williams
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NeNe Leakes just told her fans that the second part of her conversation with Jennifer Williams was just uploaded on YouTube. Check out the video below.

'Don’t walk, RUN on over to my YouTube channel today and Subscribe (it cost you nothing) Then check out part 2 “cocktails & conversation with @jenniferwilliams PS: I’m feeling real video like today so imma drop another video this evening! How bout dat? #casaleakes #thethreat #hbic #theone #lifeofnene #learnfromthelunchbox,' NeNe captioned her IG post.

Someone said: 'The whole show needs to turn a new leaf and needs to be about empowerment of each other as black women because this pandemic should wake us up and work together and stop putting each down,' and another follower posted this: 'Anytime you got off that camera wasn’t any reunion! Baby, they ain’t got NOTHING without you!'

A commenter said: 'I don't understand why they don't get why you were so upset last season you didn't have time to deal with their b******* when your husband was facing life and death they've never had a family member be diagnosed with cancer or illness disease and imagine it was your husband and you got to put on face for people sometimes you going to break out of character and cuss them out and they can't understand that that's just mind-boggling and black women need to learn how to respect the ones that make the platform for you to even sit on a goddamn couch that's what I don't understand about the.'

Someone else posted this: 'Incorporate Porsha cause she was handing it to them in the reunion lol....y’all are good together,' and one otheer follower said: 'Keep speaking Nene .. who cares what people think. Can’t please them so continue to make them mad.'

A commenter wrote: 'Good for you Nene! don’t wait for them to give it to you create your own lane. Because what’s for you is for you!'

Another fan told the RHOA star: 'Good Nene if you didn't come on here to state the truth we'd never know all this. They tried it. When no-one else wants to stand up for you, you have to stand up for yourself. Let the truth be known. Good for you and those with a heart and know the difference between right and wrong will support you!'

Recently, NeNe said that removing herself fro the RHOA Reunion was the best choice.

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