Nene Leakes To Fans: "Cancer Affects The Whole Family, Not Just The Person With The Disease!"

Nene Leakes To Fans: "Cancer Affects The Whole Family, Not Just The Person With The Disease!"
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Nene Leakes has been the subject of extreme scrutiny this season of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta.' Even though the end of the installment has aired and the reunion shows are almost over, Nene is still being called out over her behavior during Gregg Leakes' cancer battle.

The 51-year-old's castmates and fans have both expressed that they feel Nene has made Gregg's unfortunate health situation about her. She even revealed that they were considering divorce during the second part of the sit-down.

Nene took to Twitter after catching wind of Cynthia Bailey's comments on Kandi Burruss' Youtube channel where she said: "In the words of Eva, everything is not about you. I felt like in a lot of ways she made it about her like Eva’s wedding, she made my Seagram’s event about her, to be very honest I even felt the cancer situation with Gregg she kinda made that in a lot of ways about her. Being the caretaker, the caregiver and at the end of the day he’s actually the one battling the cancer."

Leakes subsequently tweeted: "Cancer affects the whole family, Not just the person with the disease! Sharing what we’ve been goin thru publicly has been hard. The criticism hasn’t helped but it has definitely made us stronger n every way. Thank u to America Cancer Society who has supported us relentlessly."

The 'RHOA' personality received both criticism and support from followers.

One user wrote: "Yes it does. Be sure to receive your self-care. Hurt people, hurt people and you been lashing out to everyone. Probably, without even realizing it. Greg wasn't the only one mean."

While another added: "It is watched a loved one fight and the battle but NEVER played the victim was compassionate and loving and caring NEVER selfish and mean @ NeNeLeakes you do yourself a disservice prayers for Greg and the FAMILY!"

What do you think about Nene's statement? Has she been too hard on Gregg?

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