Nene Leakes Thinks That Kenya Moore Is Continuing Feud With Her To Be Like Kim Zolciak

Nene Leakes Thinks That Kenya Moore Is Continuing Feud With Her To Be Like Kim Zolciak
Credit: Source: Reality Blurb

Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore are having the feud of all feuds this season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. The ladies have been taking to the after show to give the inside scoop on what went down in the episode that viewers just saw.

Nene has an interesting opinion about why Kenya doesn't want to make up with her. She's already said that she believes Moore knows that feuding with her is good TV but she recently said that she thinks Kenya wants their feud to be like hers and Kim Zolciak's.

If you don't already know about the Nene and Kim saga, the hot and cold buddies have had some of the most talked-about moments in RHOA history including their feuds and BFF moments.

Leakes explained to producers on the after show that Kenya really doesn't have a reason to not make up with her so she tries to keep the rivalry going.

'It's nothing with us. She want me and her to be me and Kim Zolciak because that's what we used to be and I know in her head she's like 'Me and Nene will be the new Kim and Nene.'


The clip made its rounds on social media and Kim even chimed in to retweet the clip along with a message that read: 'That B**** could never!'

Meanwhile, Kenya explained why she wasn't ready to speak to Nene in Greece during last week's after show.

'I didn’t want to open those can of worms. And then us debating who’s right and who’s wrong. ‘Well you said this to me’ ‘Well you didn’t.’ Like, going back to the petty reasons why she believes she’s right in the situation. I could see steps and steps and steps of us just going down a black hole. And it being bad. And I was just like let’s just leave it here being positive. We’ll speak another time. This is just not the right time. And I think that was reasonable because I didn’t want to make it be about me and Nene — not on the first night.'

Coincidentally, fans have been debating on whether or not Nene and Kim Z were the best duo in RHOA history -- and most seem to agree.


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