NeNe Leakes Teaches People All About Self Love

NeNe Leakes Teaches People All About Self Love
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NeNe Leakes had a pretty rough time while her hubby Gregg Leakes was sick, but now, after he got scanned and there's reportedly zero traces of cancer in his body, things could not be going any better for NeNe.

She and Gregg celebrated this incredible victory, and he offered his gratitude to her for supporting him all the way.

A few days ago, NeNe had  the best announcement for her fans, and she’s been preparing for this for quite a while. She has a brand new location for her Swagg Boutique.

More than that, she told everyone that she’s the very first woman of color to own a business inside the MGM National Harbor and her fans could not be happier for her.

She also shared a message on her social media account, telling her fans that self-love is the best.

'Self Love is the greatest love of all. It’s so important to your happiness, your relationship and life dreams (You can give a person EVERYTHING but you can’t give them happiness. You can be a part of their happiness tho) but When you set out to find self-love and worthiness, you can literally conquer the world. YOU are enough! Blossom into YOUR highest self. Hallelujah 🙌🏾 PS: don’t lose yourself ❤️' NeNe captioned her post.

Someone said 'So true! People equate love with children, spouses and friends and jobs and money etc all the time. Self-love remains #1!❤️✨'

Another follower told NeNe 'You're my favorite and only housewife in the franchise because I have been following you since season 1 and I will love to see when everyone will see you for what you're a nice happy 😍 funny😮 career person love your family a good friend a great mother a lovely❤️ grandmother and speak your true always 👏 keep doing you I love you respect you and sometimes I see your life a little like mine people just misunderstood because is very convenient for them. Keep the good work Nene Leakes.'

One commenter wrote 'You are so accurate I just found this out as I decided to divorce my husband..... I was lost for a minute, but I choose me. My happiness is way more important. I lost myself my drive and was spiraling fast. Thank you for the words.....'

What do you think about NeNe's latest message?

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