NeNe Leakes Surprises Fans When She Publicly Slams A Restaurant Manager Who Caused Her Troubles

NeNe Leakes Surprises Fans When She Publicly Slams A Restaurant Manager Who Caused Her Troubles
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It seems that over the weekend, NeNe Leakes did not have the best experience at a restaurant. She decided to slam the manager on her social media account and fans are surprised to see her act like this.

'DMV this manager right here at NOBU @nobudc Is and was horrible to us! I have never seen a manager come and cause problems rather than rectify them! When managers act this way, it’s NEVER their first time doing stuff like this...There are some things u just don’t do to people! Please re-post PS: i don’t do this kind of post, so you know it’s something,' NeNe captioned her post.

Some people claimed that NeNe might be lying, but diehard fans defended her.

'Nene would not have wasted her time if it wasn’t any truth to it. Yes she can be shady, but not like this. Just say you need details because you just want to know,' someone said.

Another follower wrote 'We all at some point receive bad service somewhere sometime. If it is a repeated pattern, then one might get vocal on a media network, otherwise, handle it where you are or call someone higher up, I do not believe in using this platform for this. I appreciate your thoughts, doesn’t waver mine tho. As a side note, unless you know her personally, I follow a lot of these accounts as I am fans of so many of them, none of us know any of these people truly aside from tv and social media, and while it is a wonderful thing to love someone from afar and believe in them, it is also ok to know when they seem to falter sometimes, I don’t know her personally, I know you and I and everyone else on this feed are human and we do not always handle things the right way, js.'

One commenter believes that 'There are always two sides. The mistake here is her not giving details. Also, I believe every person in America should serve tables for a week. That might make some people have a better appreciation for those who work in the service industry.'

NeNe has been really busy these days, according to her announcements on her social media account.

Just recently she revealed to her fans that she plans to give back by  helping some really lucky entrepreneurs .

What do you think happened at the restaurant?

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