NeNe Leakes Supports Husband Gregg Leakes After He Refuses Chemotherapy

NeNe Leakes Supports Husband Gregg Leakes After He Refuses Chemotherapy

In yesterday's RHOA episode, NeNe Leakes supports her husband Gregg Leakes as he rejects chemo treatment for his colon cancer. The Daily Mail reports the news about Gregg's decision after the surgery that he had.

NeNe said that her husband was really hoping to be able to avoid the aggressive chemo and instead use holistic treatments.

'Chemo is not something that Gregg is thinking about doing at the moment. Obviously, we hear all the reports of people doing chemo and being very sick,' said NeNe.

'So he feels like if there are any other options that can take, I'd rather take those options and let chemo sit on the back burner for now.'

Unfortunately, oncologist Dr. Scott Kopetz recommended that Gregg have chemo, says Daily Mail, because he was still at risk even if the tests were showing there was no evidence of cancer left in his body.

'I would use chemotherapy at this point to try to reduce that risk of the cancer coming back. What we do know is that chemotherapy can reduce that risk of cancer coming back by about half,' he told them.

He also told the couple that alternative medicine hadn't been proved effective so far.

Despite all of this, Gregg still refused to change his mind.

Apart of the RHOA show, NeNe recently attended Cardi B's Fashion Nova launch party , and she took photos with the rapper and sheared them with followers on social media.


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  • Alice Smith
    Alice Smith Nov 20, 2018 4:20 AM PST

    Please do the chemo. I did it thinking I would be terribly sick. I was not. Never through up. Just terribly tired. There are many medicines to help with chemo related illness.

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