NeNe Leakes Shows Off The New Location Of Her Swagg Boutique With A New Video

NeNe Leakes Shows Off The New Location Of Her Swagg Boutique With A New Video
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NeNe Leakes could not be prouder of her new location for her Swagg Boutique. She shared some new posts to show fans what they're missing if they don't pay a visit to her store.

Here's the photo that she recently shared:

'Today a friend told me to step outside my store and just take it all in. She says I work wayyyy too much so i gave it a try🤷🏽‍♀️ Swagg @mgmnationalharbor Oh and you can get this outfit at any of my Swagg Boutiques,' NeNe captioned her photo.

Somoene said: 'You are the main reason I watch Real Housewives of Atl. You are definitely an inspiration💖💖💖💖 take it all in! Look how far you have come and so much more you're conquering! Love you Nene💜'

One other commenter told NeNe that 'She’s a good friend. Self-care is the best care Sis! Those businesses will be there. Breath and celebrate your own success. 🙏🏽'

NeNe also shared a video and captioned it with the following words:

'We are open until midnight tonight @mgmnationalharbor #swagg PS: sometimes when i wear flats, I don’t know how to walk😩 #staybusy.'

A fan told NeNe that 'Entrepreneurship is perfect for you because you are very intelligent and focused on your career and your family. We are all so inspired by you Queen. #Salute 🥂 #GodisAmazing.'

Another follower said, 'Love the boutique. My hubby and I were in the DMV area so I had to stop by. I wore my girl bye T-shirt today. Got a lot of compliments. Btw thnx for taking a pic last night.'

Recently,  NeNe told fans that she’s been so busy lately that she forgot to post the pics that she took at the pride parade. She decided to share a few and some people body-shamed her .

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