NeNe Leakes Shows Fans What Happened At The Mall Where Her Swagg Boutique Is Located

NeNe Leakes Shows Fans What Happened At The Mall Where Her Swagg Boutique Is Located
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NeNe Leakes shared a photo and told her fans that what they see there was happening at the mall where her Swagg Boutique is located. This is about the protests that are taking place for a few days following George Floyd's murder.

'This is happening right NOW at the mall where my boutique is located but what i do know is that your exhausted, upset and feel like you haven’t been heard! I feel ya! Let’s move in love, peace and support! Let’s try an understand better, let’s think about the future and do what’s right! I love us! I love you❤️ my heart is heavy for US #stoplooting #blackpower #georgefloyd #onelove #weallwegot #ATLforlife Bring on the nasty backlash but that ain’t helping us either Okurrr,' NeNe captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Atlanta isn't the only so-called blk city. The celebrities in ATL just worried about their businesses. Which boils down to $$$.'

Another follower said: 'Blacks are steady being killed. These businesses and buildings can be brought back to life. These black men that are killed for no reason can not be brought back to life.'

One other follower said: 'What happened last night was uncalled for by those destroying our city. It was senseless and had NOTHING to do with the protest for George Floyd.'

Someone else said: 'Atlanta itself is 50% black and 40% white and have some of the most crooked cops in the city. The homeless rates are astounding and so are the poverty rates. Gentrification is at an all-time high. Stop with the Bull! Yes, it has a high percentage of black people than other cities in Georgia but it ain't all gravy.'

Another commenter told NeNe: '@neneleakes you must have forgotten the real history of Atlanta. It’s just became a “Black City” over the past 40 years. Yes it has made progress but not everybody shares in your abundance of wealth thanks to @bravoandy and @therealhousewivesofhotlanta you have two Black sons how dare you tell others how to express their anger, hurt, and pain due to the oppression of our people since 1619 n America. @neneleakes girl go somewhere and have many seats... maybe tags needs to be next.'

The other day NeNe posted an important message for her fans regarding what’s been happening in Atlanta.

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