NeNe Leakes Shares New Footage From Home On Her YouTube Channel

NeNe Leakes Shares New Footage From Home On Her YouTube Channel
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NeNe Leakes told her fans that she shared new footage on her YouTube channel and they can check it out below as well. See what NeNe had to tell her IG followers the other day.

'Go run subscribe and check out my NEW YOUTUBE video! Another one will go up tonight ❤️ #beautifulcasaleakes #thethreat #hbic #queenofeverything #cantstopwontstop #unstoppable #runtellthat #yuplisabloom PS: hit the link in my bio. I did my own makeup 😤' NeNe captioned her IG post.

Someone said: 'Nene you could rob a bank, and I’d still ride for you.'

A follower posted this: 'You are so correct. Most times I dont agree with you, but in this case, I do!!! They should have had the cookie lady, Marc, and others to confront as well. That was messed up!!'

One other commenter said: 'Nope it wasn’t fair. However, it just further confirms that you are the HBIC, and they want your spot. Take your talents elsewhere, and the them 🤬 starve. Happy Sunday.'

Check out the video she shared on YouTube:

A follower said that 'I really don't think Nene's lying here. And I'm good at knowing when someone's lying. I'm sorry, but that comment about Eva wearing other people's shoes was crucial! 🤣🤣 I feel awful for laughing.'

One other commenter said: 'The video wasn’t long enough Nene! I felt so sad for you while watching this. I know you're a strong warrior but I feel like you are reaching your breaking point.'

A follower said: 'My problem is everyone except Nene is allowed to be human. If Nene makes a mistake she can’t live it down. If Nene tries to show her softer side or change for the better then she is being fake. If Nene stands up for herself then she is a bully. Everything is okay when everyone else does it. That’s not right.'

What's your opinion on what NeNe had to say?

As you probably know by now, NeNe left the virtual RHOA reunion .

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