Nene Leakes Shares Black Lives Matter Tweet But Draws Criticism For Including Her Booking Info

Nene Leakes Shares Black Lives Matter Tweet But Draws Criticism For Including Her Booking Info
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Nene Leakes took to Twitter to tweet in support of Black Lives Matter. However, it was what was included in the message that has people side-eyeing the Real Housewives of Atlanta star.

Leakes wrote: 'Black Lives Matter [email protected]'

Almost instantly, she was called out by followers for using the movement in an act of self-promotion.

The RHOA personality deleted the tweet that was picked up by The Neighborhood talk where social media users continued to call her out.

'she can’t be serious rn,' commented one.

'They always say something crazy and then it’s all of a sudden “Tweets aren’t loading right now” or “Tweets Protected.”' pointed out another.

'That was tacky as hell smh,' said one user.

Another wrote: 'I will never understand how she still has fans.'

While this commentator said: 'Maybe she wanted to speak on it so she slid her email in so people can book her. she wanted her coin too.'

This snafu comes after she was criticized for telling black people not to 'destroy' Atlanta. Many thought that she was worried more about Swagg Boutique than the message protesters are trying to get across.

'Atlanta is BLACK POWER #stoptheviolence UPDATE TO THIS POST: When things like this happen, i just never know what to say or do! I literally be lost for words and afraid to say anything but hear this...DONT come on my page talking ignorant which is why i wasn’t posting on my page about the things happening but put them in my stories instead....The enemy wants us to burn down our neighborhoods! Don’t fall for it! DONT turn down the energy either....TRANSFORM IT! Organize & Protect the city! Good intentions here ok!'

Regardless of the hate she received, Nene and her husband Gregg Leakes recently joined protests in Atlanta.

What do you think about this drama?

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