NeNe Leakes Shares A Video On Her YouTube Channel To Recap A RHOA 'Hairy Situation'

NeNe Leakes Shares A Video On Her YouTube Channel To Recap A RHOA 'Hairy Situation'
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NeNe Leakes shared a new video on her YouTube channel to address the most recent RHOA episode. Check out below what she had to say about the pretty tense situation going on.

'My NEW video is up NOW, and it’s just my opinion so go check it out. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay in the know first,' NeNe captioned her post on IG.

A YouTube subscriber commented, 'Guess this is why Porsha did not answer Andy's question about Dennis in the latest episode. I agree I will not tell anyone about their man.'

Someone else said: 'Kenya had called herself throwing "Fun Shade" at Tanya on the bus at Toronto. So she was already coming for Tanya because she had the cookie lady tea already. And then she was being messy by bringing it up but not telling Tanya that she had stone tea on her man. And Kandi said she didn't mention it because she found out off-camera. They plan their moves off-camera and then execute them on camera, and then she says there is NO alliance. And They can call each other out, but they don't like anyone else calling them out. Please tell me you will have a plot against them next season!!!'

A commenter posted this: 'If Kenya is unbothered about the wig exposure, then why is she coming for Tanya? It makes no sense, but SCREAMS I NEED A STORYLINE! Why are Kenya's fans minimizing the wig but ready to drag Tanya? Great review of a boring episode.'

One follower wrote: 'I agree Kenya started this mess & Tanya wasn't malicious & then Kenya says that the girl was more beautiful and badder than Tanya so that was shade & very uncalled for. I missed you on tonight's episode.'

Someone else told the RHOA star: 'Nene I agree with you on not telling what my friend's man is doing, or done. It’s none of my business first off. Secondly, the sucker is going to deny it anyway. Thirdly he might lie and say I tried to holler at him; in which that happened before when I was younger.'

Earlier today, it was reported that NeNe's fans are freaking out that she's not featured enough on the RHOA series lately.

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