NeNe Leakes Shares A New Episode Of 'Life Of NeNe' On YouTube And Fans Warn Her About Wendy Williams

NeNe Leakes Shares A New Episode Of 'Life Of NeNe' On YouTube And Fans Warn Her About Wendy Williams
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NeNe Leakes shared a new video from the series called Life of NeNe on her YouTube channel. Fans are warning her to watch out for Wendy Williams.

As you probably know by now, Wendy leaked a private message that NeNe had sent her a few days ago in which NeNe told the show host that she's leaving the RHOA series.

NeNe's fans freaked out, but one of her reps stepped up and said that NeNe would definitely not leave RHOA.

NeNe also talked about the whole thing and said that friends should not leak private info about other friends.

Anyway, check out NeNe's YouTube video below:

Someone told NeNe: 'Wendy Williams is not your true friend watch out for her.'

A commenter wrote: 'Nene, You seem so sad. I notice a difference in you the last couple of years of Housewives. Just my opinion, but I feel Housewives is draining your soul. While I would hate it if you leave the show, I hope you do because I can see the toll this show is taking out of you. It appears you are trying to be a better person, but it's hard to do that when the show just wants drama from you. It's hard to live in your truth. You are better than this show, and I know you will be OK. You are one of the smart ones that didn't just take a paycheck from Bravo but used their platform to truly create your own brand. I pray Nene that you find the strength to do what is best for you. Life is too short for all the drama.'

Someone else said: 'NeNe is my favorite housewife. She's the original pioneer and has a tough exterior but soft inside just like me.She and Kenya also have a lot in common, but the reason I don't favor Kenya is cause she plays dirty. And in the words of the great Nene"U never can win when u play dirty"'

The same subscriber continued and said: 'NeNe told a friend she was hurting and quitting. True, she could've meant quitting numerous things, but a public figure can't read something like that then have to perform immediately. Athletes don't take calls before a game and usually have to be told bad news afterwards..or it will affect their performance. Which is what happened to Wendy. She went out with a heavy heart over her friend hurting and just like you vent to her NeNe she needed to vent as us. I don't feel it was malicious at all so I hope y'all remain friends. Wendy didn't stay in the game this long by making stupid moves so if she gave me advice about Hollywood and was my friend I would at least consider it.'

Someone else wrote: 'You know nene you can definitely hire a camera crew to follow u around for ur YouTube channel, because we are all loving this intimate Nene! U don’t need RHOA it needs u. & they saw that for that season you weren’t on. All the fans will gladly watch you here.'

What do you think about what Wendy did to NeNe?


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