NeNe Leakes Shares A Gorgeous Photo But Fans Slam Her Hard For The Message She Attached To It

NeNe Leakes Shares A Gorgeous Photo But Fans Slam Her Hard For The Message She Attached To It
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NeNe Leakes just shared a photo of herself while she was out having fun. We have to admit that the RHOA star looks fantastic.

But the caption of the pic triggered her fans and followers, and some of them slammed her really hard for her words. Check out the photo below.

'Just a fun nite wit a bunch of fun people! My happiness is all I care about! If u can’t bring me that, don’t bring me nothing! Sheer Shoulder Sweater: swaggboutiqueonline #raw' - reads NeNe's caption.

Some fans were really bothered by her words, and they said she's being extremely egocentric.

For instance, a commenter said 'Well it ain't you neneleakes, that's for sure!!! It's all about nene.... Well, guess what, it ain't about you, Gregg has cancer, not you bitch - get over yourself and have some humanity damn guuuurrrl!!!!'

Such messages flooded the comments section, but NeNe's diehard fans were quick to defend their favorite celebrity. People have been slamming her since Gregg Leakes got sick.

A follower said 'Nene you don't have to explain your situation to the 🌎. I know what you are going through. Been there. You have to give yourself some you time, or you will break down, and it's hard getting back up. Sick people be mad they're sick and take it out on the one that's actually taking care of them. So give yourself some space for you to breathe for you. Love you Nene.💓'

Someone else agreed and said 'Nene no one knows what you are going through. You've been there since day 1. I know it's hard. You would think some of Gregg's family would come and give you a break to breathe. I know you need you are not being selfish. You are tired Sick people be feeling sorry for their self and don't give a damn about your feelings. You become their personal punching bag.'

Another supporter was on the same page with the others and said 'All these people saying they watched the show from day one then you should remember that nene and Greg split up too and how he talked bad about her and got caught. Nene took him back and has been good to him. Nobody knows what’s going on in anybody’s marriage hence we should not judge. When Yolanda was battling an illness, her husband left her, but nobody gave him any flack or cared that much.'

Other than this, NeNe's fans recently praised her for the enormous self-confidence that she's been showing lately.

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