NeNe Leakes Shares A Few Moments From Her Leopard Print-Themed Birthday Event

NeNe Leakes Shares A Few Moments From Her Leopard Print-Themed Birthday Event

NeNe Leakes celebrated her 51st birthday this year. She made sure to organize more events in order to get together with her BFFs.

One of them was a leopard print-themed brunch, and now, she finally shared some pics for her fans to see what went down there, who got invited, what they wore and so on.

She recently shared a video on social media in which she’s showing off the gifts and flowers that she’s received from her pals.

Anyway, here's NeNe's latest post below:

'One of my Birthday events was an “ALL WOMEN LEOPARD PRINT BRUNCH” Being the girlie girl I am, I wanted to fellowship, uplift, inspire and motivate other women to find their happiness! This was in an intimate private setting held at the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta! Thank you, ladies, for loving me and inspiring me as well❤️ #girlpower' NeNe captioned her post.

Some of her fans slammed her for making even the men wear leopard prints, and others were disappointed that Porsha Williams and more ladies were not there.

Someone told NeNe 'You would love the leopard lounge in Palm Beach at the Chesterfield Hotel. Jimmy Fallon likes to stay there a lot when he comes into town. The entire lounges leopard they have high tea, and they have dancing. There’s also a pianist. It’s awesome.'

Another follower asked 'Why did Eva show up without Leopard? And where were the other girls?'

Someone was a bit confused as well because more ladies were missing: 'I'm looking for Porsha Cynthia Kandi Kenya...shit I Kno their outfits would have been the bomb.'

Another commenter wrote 'Well saying it was a private, intimate setting held at the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta doesn't sound braggadocious at all dahling. It's funny when the nouveau riche make statements like this. I love you @neneleakes but you are extra honey. So extra I can't help but be entertained. Hope it was a lovely brunch. And I hope to see you soon.'

We bet that everyone had a blast at NeNe's parties.

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