NeNe Leakes Shades Former BFF Cynthia Bailey - Says She Shouldn't Return To RHOA And Here's Why!

NeNe Leakes Shades Former BFF Cynthia Bailey - Says She Shouldn't Return To RHOA And Here's Why!
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As far as NeNe Leakes is concerned, she and Cynthia Bailey will most likely never be friends again following their fallout. This is pretty sad considering how close they used to be once upon a time.

But while Bailey has said before that she still wishes Leakes the very best despite their broken friendship, the other woman cannot really say the same.

NeNe Leakes did not hold anything back and used some harsh words when discussing her former BFF.

NeNe may not be on RHOA anymore but she still has some thoughts on the show's latest season!

More precisely, while chatting with Michelle ATLien, she simply said that it was really boring and unoriginal!

But that is not even all! The reality TV show star also mentioned her opinion that some members of the cast no longer have a place on RHOA and the list includes Cynthia!

When asked if she should return for another season, NeNe did not hesitate to respond with: 'No. I mean she should not have come back many seasons ago. I think she should've been gone, that is what my opinion is. And I think that she is gone. I think she will say she moved to LA or something like that.'

This was in reference to Bailey suggesting that she would move to L.A. in order to be with her hubby, Mike Hill.

In the meantime, however, the pair has confirmed that they had decided to stay in Atlanta after all.

But even though she had some harsh words when talking about her former friend, NeNe insisted she has no ill feelings towards her.


'I wish her well but I think that if you ever followed this show since season 1, you would see the shift [in her storyline.] And you'd look at the show and say why certain people are still here and other people are gone. That tells you just a lot right there.'


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