NeNe Leakes Says That You Can Never Win When You Play Dirty - Some Fans Are Not That Supportive Anymore

NeNe Leakes Says That You Can Never Win When You Play Dirty - Some Fans Are Not That Supportive Anymore
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It was recently reported that after NeNe Leakes' behavior on RHOA, during the past few weeks, she began losing some of her fans. Of course, her diehard supporters are still there, but there are some people who have been telling her that she needs to become more humble , because she'll hurt her brand otherwise.

NeNe posted a message on her social media account which had fans talking. She said that you could not win when you play dirty. See her message below.

'You can never WIN when you play DIRTY! Stay woke #istaywinningđź‘‘ #strongblackwoman' NeNe captioned her post.

Someone commented 'Nene, please. You might need to retire and return to your humble self. You’ve let this show blow your head up so big that it barely fits on my tv screen anymore. Your antics aren’t cute at all, and you always feel the need to post something on here to show how “unbothered” you are when we all know these girls got your feathers ruffled AF! Like I’ve said before, your presence on this show has run its course.'

Another follower told NeNe: 'Regardless of your intentions, you seem to have a negative vibe that makes you seem heartless. I’m sure you’re not..I think it’s how you cope so you don’t show you’re hurting. You don’t have to be tough all the time. I hope you get thru this emotional time in your life. 💕'

Someone else believes that 'It’s not Nene y’all don’t like, y’all take issue with assertive, strong black women who have a heart and a backbone to match. #TeamNene.'

A commenter said 'You don't want a friend you want people to kiss your butt and praise you like if you are God, you help people and because they don't keep liking your but like how you want them to do you said they are not loyal. Crazy woman. You need to be humble.'

A person brought up Porsha Williams and said 'Ummm, very interesting...just a month ago you were on Instagram bullying a pregnant woman, but ok, you are entitled to want to do better❤'

And another fan asked NeNe to practice what she preaches: 'NeNe I like you, but take your own advice please.'

A lot of NeNe's fans are telling her that she should change her attitude right away.

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