NeNe Leakes Says That Black Women Deserve It All, Too - See Her Message

NeNe Leakes Says That Black Women Deserve It All, Too - See Her Message
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NeNe Leake shared a message on her social media account that had fans reacting in the comments. Check out what she recently posted on her Twitter account.

Someone commented this: 'After looking at all the Videos of other housewives and how they act and get things, I think it’s best you leave when you are on top. RHOA will need to make up fake stories because who are they gonna beef with. It will be so boring. When you closed that laptop they were lost.'

Another Twitter user said: 'Nene I love you you’re one of my fav housewives but you quite literally have it all. You make millions be grateful for the people that gave you a job.'

Someone else told this to the RHOA star: 'Nene go talk to a media is not the platform for sympathy when it not working out for you and I mean that sincerely.'

Another follower said: 'I don’t get it Why are so many still bad mouthing her when she has finally had the courage to stand up for what’s right. Nene grabbed a cameraman shirt Teresa push Andy down and has a felony on her record but nothing was done sh*t she got a raise too but Nene got bad mouthed why.'

Someone else posted: 'I totally get what you’re saying and it’s unfortunate for the culture -that they hate you too much to stand with you They are too committed to misunderstanding you! Even tho it could benefit them at some point! Right now it’s you, Not them! Face with raised eyebrow Smh.'

Another follower said: 'They just don't understand how significant and loved you are --especially by those who've been watching the show from the beginning. Even the @thesouptvmentioned you the other day. WHEN YOU WIN, #RHOA wins. When they cut you out, the world yawns. That's it.'

In other news, it’s been recently reported  NeNe  has been asked by her fans various times about the  RHOA  contract for the next season. Now, she is finally  speaking about the subject .

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