NeNe Leakes Reveals The Horrifying Diagnosis Oh Her Husband, Gregg Leakes: Stage 3 Colon Cancer

NeNe Leakes Reveals The Horrifying Diagnosis Oh Her Husband, Gregg Leakes: Stage 3 Colon Cancer
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During the first episode of RHOA season 11, NeNe Leakes reveals that nightmare that she and Gregg Leakes entered. Her husband was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer.

NeNe told the cameras on set that Gregg was rushed at the hospital back in May suffering from terrible pain and the doctors told him that he needed immediate surgery.

'His health these last couple of years has been a lot,' said NeNe as she revealed his cancer diagnosis.

'We were not prepared to hear that,' said NeNe as she told the cameras she had to be strong for the family and not 'crumble.'

'I have put on a brave face but I have had many moments in my car alone and if my car could talk it would probably say ''this b**** cries too much'',' Nene said.

The Daily Mail reported that Gregg broke down in tears as he told the family that he had written NeNe a letter for the doctor give to her if he had not survived.

'Writing that note was the hardest ever thing I did in my life, but you never know what is in you until you are at that door, I never thought I had it in me to beat cancer but know I'm going to beat cancer's ass,' he said to cheers.

Here's what NeNe posted yesterday on her social media account.

'I was surprised about how much @greggleakes opened up his situation for all to see! He holds back NOTHING this season in an effort to help the next person! This hasn’t been a walk in the park for neither of us, but as long as we’re holding hands walking this journey together Gregg, that’s all I will forever need! Tune into the season premiere of RHOA TONIGHT at 8 pm on Bravo #fuckcancer #ingodhands #proudofyou #yougotthis #lifeoftheleakes.'

Needless to say, fans and followers were more than supportive with NeNe now and since they found out that her husband is struggling with such severe health issues.

We wish Gregg lots of health and strength for both him and his wife.


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