NeNe Leakes Reveals One Of Her 'Hunni Challenge' Winners - Check Out The Group's Dance Here

NeNe Leakes Reveals One Of Her 'Hunni Challenge' Winners - Check Out The Group's Dance Here

NeNe Leakes just announced one of the winners of her Hunni Challenge. Not too long ago, she made fans happy when she revealed that she dropped a new song called Hunni.

Since then, she also kicked off a Hunni challenge, and people started sending her all kinds of cool videos in which they were dancing to her song. Check out one of the winner groups below.

'The first group up for the $1500 1st prize has totally SNAPPED WITH THIS CREATIVITY! If you haven’t heard, then listen up! Monday May 11th we will give $1500 and a chance to be in the video to our favorite first place winner with creativity, style, energy and a whole lotta fun. (2nd place) wins $1000 and (3rd place $500) If we have to break a tie, the pot moves to $2000 💰 ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IN A GROUP OR SINGLE PERSON IS....perform a 55 seconds dance video with fun, creativity, great lighting and loud music. HASHTAGS TO USE #hunnichallenge #getthishunni HOW DO YOU THINK THIS GROUP DID? SHOULD THEY WIN THE TOP PRIZE? #ubitchescouldneva #hbic #thethreat #youjustNOTthemothafuckinQUEEN DOWNLOAD “Come Get This Hunni” Available on all platforms #issabop,' NeNe captioned her post.

Someone said: 'They sold me when they backflipped off the concrete steps one at a damn time. I don’t see anybody topping that!'

Another commenter praised the ladies and said: 'The executions the formations the moves and the work put in WINNERS, in my opinion, ❤️🙌🏼 Keep showing is how to get to the MONEY.'

Another follower also priased the group and said: 'They destroyed it! Hell yasss, they need to take some cash to the bank. Loved it!,' and one fan wrote: 'They deserve all the money to be honest no mention on the clock and they’re essential workers.'

Someone else said: 'So DOPE! I also wanna see a real Cheerleading squad do this challenge ala Bring it on style.'

In other news, NeNe made fans happy when she revealed that she was about to have a  live talk with Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr .

Her followers had all kinds of things to say about NeNe’s new look. Gregg Leakes is also a part of NeNe’s video as you will see in the clip.

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