Nene Leakes Reveals More Details About Virtual RHOA Reunion -- Shades Kandi Burruss Again!

Nene Leakes Reveals More Details About Virtual RHOA Reunion -- Shades Kandi Burruss Again!
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Nene Leakes made it clear before the Coronavirus pandemic that she was going to set the reunion off. Although the sit down has been moved to the internet, she has no intention of letting up.

During this season, her beef with Kenya Moore escalated to the point where she almost spits on the Queen of Twirls and word on the street is -- it will get even more intense.

In real time, the Queen of RHOA has been exchanging words with Kandi Burruss. Her problem with the Xscape singer is that she feels Kandi acted one way in person and another in confessionals and on the after show.

Nene has been going Live on Instagram where she has been airing out her grievances. Most recently, she complained that she's taken many great ideas to Bravo for a spin-off but they just keep giving specials to someone else.

Many viewers, including Burruss herself, think that she was talking about Kandi who she has deemed the 'puppet master.' After exchanging shade on social media, Nene hopped on live with Alvin Mcqueen where she had more choice words for her co-star.


She explained that Kandi was a 'guest in her house' and that she left the show but had to come back because Burruss didn't do a 'd*** thing.'

She also spoke with Extra TV where she gave some insight on the reunion that will be hosted via video chat.

'I think we’re gonna have real cameras and lighting… They’re gonna do their best to make it as great as possible. I mean we really have no other choice here we have to practice social distancing so this is the best that we can do.'

The Glee alum plans to address a few things about the special treatment that she feels some of the girls are receiving,

'One of the things I’d like to know is why is it that the rules apply to me and not to everyone else… There is a lot of unfairness going on… Because I have a tough exterior that does not mean that I’m not human, that does not mean that I don’t have feelings that does not mean that I’m not soft on the inside. I would like to know why is it everybody feel the need to all gang up on me and its okay.'

What do you think Leakes is talking about?


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