NeNe Leakes Reveals A Terrible Health Issue That Hit Her - See Her And Gregg Supporting BLM

NeNe Leakes Reveals A Terrible Health Issue That Hit Her - See Her And Gregg Supporting BLM
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NeNe Leakes reveals a health issue that she had and this did not allow her to compromise her immune system these days. Gregg Leakes also had cancer and he has to stay safe as well.

This is what NeNe explained to her followers regarding the reasons for which they did not take part in the protests. But they did something else. Check out NeNe's recent post below.

'SWIPE: My hubby and I both was afraid to comprise our immune system considering his past cancer and the blood clots I had in my lungs! However, Gregg really felt he wanted to get out and try for a few and let everyone know that no matter what, we stand loud and proud! Black Lives Matter and it has ALWAYS mattered. Thank you to everyone out here in the hot sun protesting daily! We love you and support you,' NeNe captioned her post.

Someone asked: 'Where’s Greg mask. He’s high risk,' and someone else posted this: 'agree he should be wearing a face mask. 😷 do to his medical history, you can still do the right thing by protecting yourself and others.'

NeNe said: 'He walked out the house and forgot it but he wanted to try it anyways.'

Another follower said: 'they’re OUTSIDE & if he kept his distance I’m sure he’d be fine. Lord. There’s bigger issues at hand than is Greg wearing a damn mask. Lord petty Bettys everywhere.'

Someone else wrote: '@neneleakes Gods got him!! He didn’t come this far for God to leave him 🙏 Thank y’all for showing support we love y’all.'

A commenter posted this: 'Yes Nene Yes, you and Porsha speaking out, and using your voice is the best.'

A follower said: 'We need to know our worth as black people and push our History... We keep quiet History gonna repeat himself... I'm tired of being quiet... Let's us as blacks push our History let our voice be heard throughout the nation.'

Other than this, NeNe had a few words to share about some of the celebrities’ false claims that they are concerned about the protests following George Floyd’s death.

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