Nene Leakes Responds After Porsha Williams Makes Her ‘Fat-Shaming’ Texts Public!

Nene Leakes Responds After Porsha Williams Makes Her ‘Fat-Shaming’ Texts Public!
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Porsha Williams and Nene Leakes’ feud just got nastier!  The reality TV stars continued to make public some of the texts they have been sending one another this past week, making it very clear that they are at war.

Both women posted screengrabs of messages Nene sent Porsha following the birth of her first child, but it seems like they are telling really different stories.

The text that proves Nene fat-shamed her co-star is the following: ‘You lying a** big fat hungry bi**h! You know that I never put my hands on you! Marlo Cynthia or Kandi can EVER say that! You want an excuse for going in my closet without permission so You can talk yo fake s**t on IG all you want but remember my house is lit with cameras!’

She then went in the lengthy text to even threaten Porsha with physical violence!

Porsha posted the harsh and insulting text but admitted in the caption that her fiancé, Dennis McKinley, had advised her to just delete it since Nene is ‘so miserable and ain’t happy with nobody.’

She also pointed out with a hashtag that it was a real low blow to fat shame a new mom.

That is when Nene decided to paint the picture differently.

She took to her platform to share the sweet message she had sent Porsha after she gave birth.

Nene told Porsha what a blessing it is to be a mother and how happy she was for her.

‘This is what i sent you after you gave birth! I sent you text messages last nite after i saw on social media what you had said,’ Nene slammed Porsha.

She argued that she could have very well responded to her online as well but preferred to do it privately, regardless of the fact that it was an attack.

As far as Nene is concerned, the reason why Porsha made the text public was for attention since she needed to promote her ‘3 episode commercial.’

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