NeNe Leakes Praises Lizzo - Check Out The Video She Shared

NeNe Leakes Praises Lizzo - Check Out The Video She Shared
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NeNe Leakes praised Lizzo on her social media account. Just take a look at the video that she recently dropped online.

'Thank you,@lizzobeeating We love you for this! I felt “Afraid Of Your Power” wayyyyy deep down in my sou' NeNe captioned her post.

Someone said: 'This is definitely not about Lizzobeeating... Nene is doing what she does best,' and a commenter posted this: 'They are afraid of your power NeNe!!!!'

One follower said: 'Love lizzo and her back story of how she got famous. She never gave up.😘'

A commenter posted: 'Nene,when you first did housewives of alt,you were everything on that show!!! You were naturally funny and a good person. As years went on,you changed for the worst. Guess you got too big for your britches.'

One follower said: 'So spill the tea already about Andy, Bravo and the rest of the girls that forced you off your own show. Use your power; use your voice.🥂'

Someone else wrote: 'Yaaas! Love you,@neneleakes.You will always have my support.

In other news, NeNe Leakes ‘ haters hopped online these days and said that she must be really jealous and upset that she was not invited at  Cynthia Bailey ‘s wedding, and she definitely hates some of the RHOA stars. Now, she’s back on social media, and she dropped the following message.

‘Looking at yall comments! Boy, people are quick to read something into nothing! I’m focused and in my bag! I promise you that,’ NeNe captioned her post.

Not too long ago, it’s been revealed that  NeNe Leakes  decided that she will no  longer be a part of he next RHOA season , as fans already know.

NeNe is living her best life with her family and friends,and her fans are happy to see her doing great.

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