NeNe Leakes Poses In A Fendi Outfit But Fans Accuse Her Of 'Wearing' Too Much Photoshop!

NeNe Leakes Poses In A Fendi Outfit But Fans Accuse Her Of 'Wearing' Too Much Photoshop!
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NeNe Leakes posted some new pics in which she's wearing a Fendi piece, and a lot of fashion enthusiasts appreciated this outfit. Other followers, on the other hand, bashed NeNe and accused her of using too much Photoshop.

'We see each other' NeNe captioned one of her posts, and a few haters said that they could not see the true NeNe due to the filters.

A fan told the RHOA star: 'I’m a FENDI such a good way too!🔥💯🎶....Love that Poncho!' and one other follower shaded NeNe and said: 'We see you through this photoshop pic.'

Someone else posted: 'We definitely see all the 💩people be doing and acting as though they are innocent. Stay blessed, booked, and busy Nene. God has got you. WE SEE THEM.'

A lot of fans praised NeNe and showed her that they are here for her, offering their support.

A follower said: 'Nene! I love watching you on the show! You really are the best! Thank you for letting us all 👁 watch you through the good and the bad! #neneleakes,' and someone else posted this: 'Looking good fav Sag!! Sending you love from your New Orleans Pisces and Sag.'

Another one of NeNe's fans said: 'Yes aunty! ❤️ I love how u always just be simple but slaying,' while someone else said: 'Nene I saw you on the talk the other day and that lady put that pillow on her, and she gave it back, and you didn't put it back on you.'

One other diehard fans said: 'Yes Miss NeNe Leakes we see each other I see you have a beautiful kind heart and a beautiful kind and loving Spirit, please stay strong and stay prayed up don't worry about these ladies you got this my beautiful.'

Lots of followers showed NeNe love, and they are all hoping that she won't leave RHOA after all - otherwise, they will stop watching.

NeNe recently celebrated the birthday of her son and flooded her social media account with pics from the event.

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