NeNe Leakes Makes Fans Emotional With This Video

NeNe Leakes Makes Fans Emotional With This Video
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NeNe Leakes posted a video that managed to impress a lot of her fans to tears. You can check it out below and see some of her fans' and followers' reactions.

A follower said: 'Sent chills through my body Lord we need you,' and someone else posted this message: 'Did your store in Atlanta get hit/ destroyed? I hope not @neneleakes. Praying for peace!'

Someone else said: 'Fantasia always give me chills. Chile she can sang ❤️' and someone else said: 'Umm that was ahhh..mazing!!!💗💗💗 thanks for sharing @neneleakes.'

Another follower said: 'Oh my God. How beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you,' and someone else posted: 'You made me go and listen to Richard Smallwood. This one of my favorite Songs Total Praise.'

Another follower said: 'yes, one of my favorites when I was going through. .this song kept me❤️ it' and someone else posted this: 'Been years since 'I've sung that song, you all sound beautiful and amen!'

One Instagrammer posted this: 'YES!!! NENE ITS PRAYING TIME. Thank you. GOD IS The only one who can bring peace to this most troubling time in our country. He spoke to the winds, and the ocean and said peace be STIll. Their nothing too hard for GOD!! We must have faith and trust what he says in his word. GOD is a good GOD and don't you think he doesn't see or know what's going on he's omnipotent. He's Almighty and an Awesome GOD! He's Real. Thank you, it's praying time.'

One follower posted: 'One of my all-time favorite gospel songs! Total praise! Amen!' and someone else said: 'Experienced every emotion watching and listening to these amazing sisters sang!'

As you can see, NeNe's followers were impressed by the video that she shared on her IG account.

Recently, NeNe posted an important message for her fans regarding what’s been happening in Atlanta. This is about the tragedy that led to the death of George Floyd.

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