NeNe Leakes Looks Gorgeous With Larry King On His Show And Fans Praise Her Hairstyle

NeNe Leakes Looks Gorgeous With Larry King On His Show And Fans Praise Her Hairstyle

NeNe Leakes is happy to let her fans know that Larry King let her act up during his show. She shared some new pics with King on her social media account, and she looks gorgeous.

'No No really, Me and Larry King have a complete Ke Keeee on his show! He let me totally act up, and he gets his entire life from it??' NeNe captioned the post which includes two pics with Larry King.

Someone said in the comments section that 'Lol I thought he had an attitude when I watched your live! And I could see u toying with him being loud and such and his face just read. "I can't wait for her to get out of here" and u was thinking "I'm about to annoy the hell out of this stick in the mud" ???? now tell another lie @neneleakes lmao.'

Another follower said 'Of course ill have to watch the full interview and read your guys body language, I'm also a good judge of character. ??'

One other person gushed over NeNe and wrote 'Whose da threat gerrlll. Everyone be jealous of da ? Queen. Bloop. Who are the best natural God blessed woman Chile..'

Another commenter praised NeNe's new hairstyle and overall look and posted 'I don’t know what it is but I love this hairstyle on you. I’m not sure if you’ve worn it before, and I’ve missed it, but hunty let me tell you it’s super gorgeous on you.'

All of NeNe's fans have been supporting her a lot since she revealed that her hubby Gregg Leakes was diagnosed with colon cancer.

She said that Gregg was rushed at the hospital back in May due to the fact that he was suffering from terrible pain and the doctors told him that he needed immediate surgery.

The Daily Mail wrote a while ago that Gregg broke down in tears as he told the family that he had written NeNe a letter for the doctor give to her if he had not survived.


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