NeNe Leakes' Lingerie Photo Has People Praising Her Look

NeNe Leakes' Lingerie Photo Has People Praising Her Look
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NeNe Leakes dropped a photo on her social media account in which she's flaunting black lacy lingerie. Fans are obviously in awe, and they made sure to tell her this.

'I did not wake up this morning on the quilt that Tyler Perry was given but i know all too well about creating your own opportunities and holding the door open for those that look like you to walk thru!'  NeNe wrote.

She also said: 'PS: I much rather have a seat at the table so YOU dont have to deal with what I’ve dealt with #ifonlyyouknewinc.'

Lots of fans praised her look but others had some criticism for NeNe. For instance, someone said: 'Awwww poor baby🙄! And before you want appreciation from those whom you’re holding the door...remember you CLOSED THE DOOR on many women first. Stay Humble!'

A follower posted this: 'And here we go with the subtle negative energy again. Lol.. Just be honest, you're pissed off that bravo didn't ask you back to rhoa. We'll respect that more.'

Someone else wrote: 'I can't understand why do people get on someone page and no they dislike them say all kinds of nasty things, so NeNe you are on people's mind they haters and all smh.cause they stay following you .....keep doing what you do girl.'

A follower said: 'People are so quick to leave ignorant and stupid comments on things they don't have the mental capacity to comprehend.... Google his Emmy acceptance speech 🤦🏽‍♂️'

Someone else posted: 'Thanks for opening doors and creating so many opportunities for US. You are appreciated!!! ✊🏾'

A fan told NeNe: 'Thanks, Nene, we as women may not agree all the times, but when someone is doing something to benefit all women of color, we should stand behind each other and stop judging you from a reality show, snd support you from who you are as a woman of color, ladies reality dhow some are scripted, so stop hating in each other, we say all Black Life Matter, how about all sisters matter, let’s stop the hating and start supporting each other👌🏾'

Not too long ago, NeNe Leakes  announced her departure from  RHOA , and her fans were more than disappointed.

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